Thursday 12th September

9.00 Arrival and Registration (English Faculty, ground floor foyer).

9.15 Introductory Remarks – Organisers

9.30 Keynote address (room GR 06/07). Chair: Dr Melissa Calaresu (History, University of Cambridge)
Dr Amanda Herbert (History, Folger Institute, Washington), ‘Leftovers: The Afterlives of Early Modern Food’

10.30 BREAK

11.00 Panel 1: Excess (room GR 06/07). Chair: Dr Tessa Storey
Carina Mansey (Sociology, University of London), ‘ “Ration the Rich”: Excess and Waste in the Luxury London Restaurants of World War Two’
Alexandra Claridge (English Literature, University of Liverpool), ‘Attitudes to Excess: The Late Medieval Subtlety’

12.00 Panel 2: Thrift (room GR 06/07). Chair: Dr Jessica Hamel-Akré (HPS, University of Cambridge)
Lindsay Middleton (English Literature and History,
University of Glasgow/Aberdeen), ‘Preservation and Textual Spaces: Interpreting Thrift through Victorian Food Writing’

Stephanie Pope (English Literature, University of Princeton), ‘Eggshells and Early Modern Domestic and Artisanal Economies’

13.00 LUNCH (English Faculty, ground floor foyer).

14.00 Panel 3: Waste Products (room GR 06/07). Chair: Philippa Carter (History, University of Cambridge)
Mimi Goodall (History, University of Oxford), ‘Sugar in the British Atlantic: More than a waste product?’
Lesley Steinitz (History, University of Cambridge), ‘Transforming Waste into Fleshforming Food: Skimmed Milk’

15.00 Panel 4: Waste Technologies (room GR 06/07). Chair: Kylie Chiu Yee Lui (Gender Studies, University of Cambridge)
Rosalind Hayes (History of Art, UCL), ‘Refrigeration and Animal Suffering: Consuming
Humanitarian Ethics in Victorian Britain’
Dr Lisa Haushofer (Culinaria Research, University of Toronto), ‘From Waste to Thrift: Artificial Digestion in Nineteenth-Century Britain’

16.00 BREAK.

16.30 Panel 5: Sustainable Futures (room GR 06/07). Chair: Katrina Moseley (History, University of Cambridge)
Dr Jennifer Cole-Wright (Business and Marketing, University of Leicester), ‘Tackling food waste in the home: Values, barriers, tactics and practices’
Hannah Kass (Environmental Studies, University of Pennsylvania), ‘Cultivating Food Sovereignty and Political Agroecology in Philadelphia and Beyond: The Power of
Participatory Policy Analysis’

18.00 Wine Reception (St John’s College, Fisher Foyer)

Friday 13th September

8.30 Welcome Coffee/Tea (English Faculty, ground floor foyer).

9.00 Panel 5: Packaging (room GR 06/07). Chair: Dr Lucy Delap (History, University of Cambridge)
Professor Anne Murcott (Sociology, University of Nottingham/SOAS), ‘Kelp, Cans, and MAP: Packaging as Food Preservation’
Professor Tom Licence (History, University of East Anglia), ‘Food Waste and the Rise of Packaged Products, 1880–1920’

10.00 Panel 6: Rationing (room GR 06/07). Chair: Dr Emma Spary (History, University of Cambridge)
Dr Kelly A. Spring (Food Studies, University of Southern Maine), ‘Feeding the British Home Front: Women’s Interconnectivity in the Second World War’
Dr François-Xavier Nérard (History, University of Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne), ‘Collective Catering, Food Waste and Penury in Stalin’s USSR’

11.00 BREAK

11.20 Roundtable Discussion: Industry Experts (room GR 06/07). Chair: Eleanor Barnett (History, University of Cambridge)

  • History and Policy – Dr Lucy Delap (Senior Associate)
  • Cambridge Sustainable Food – Sam Dyer (Director & Co-ordinator)
  • Lead Councillor for Sustainable Food, King’s Hedges – Alex Collis
  • David Parr House – Tamsin Wimhurst (Chair of Trustees)

12.20 Keynote Address (room GR 06/07). Chair: Dr Lucy Havard (History, University of Cambridge)
Dr Simon Werrett (Science and Technology Studies, UCL), ‘Kitchen Oeconomy: Food,
Thrift and Experiment in Early Modern England’


13.30 LUNCH (English Faculty, ground floor foyer).