2018 Conference

Food and Embodied Identities in the Early Modern and Modern World c. 1500 – c. 2000

Friday 29 June 2018. Room 5, Faculty of History, University of Cambridge, Sidgwick Site, West Road, CB3 93F +44 (0)1223 335340

Read our write-up of the conference here!

“This conference draws together leading interdisciplinary scholars to discuss the multifaceted ways in which food has been connected to embodied identities in the early modern and modern word, c. 1500 — c. 2000. It transitions away from simplistic understandings of food as an economic or social commodity, and encourages us to think more deeply about food production and diet as embodied and sensory experiences that affect ethnic, religious, social, and gendered identities.”

This conference was generously funded by the Faculty of History at the University of Cambridge and Cambridge AHRC DTP. It was free to attend.



Organised by Eleanor Barnett and Katrina Moseley.

You can view the Programme here.